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Jo Sarah brings authenticity to every talk, sharing honest truths and her compelling personal journey. Walk away feeling inspired and ready to take action, complemented by Jo Sarah's heartfelt song. Whether as an inspirational speaker, moderator, or presenter, Jo Sarah fosters an atmosphere where meaningful discussions thrive. 


English (Native speaking)

Nederlands (Native speaking)


Jo Sarah facilitates lively and inclusive discussions and brings professionalism, expertise, and a touch of charisma to your next event or panel talk. 
With her attention to detail, natural curiosity, and talent for keeping audiences engaged, Jo Sarah ensures that every voice is heard and every topic is explored thoroughly. Trust Jo to leave your audience informed, inspired, and eager for more. Jo Sarah can fluently moderate in English and Dutch.



education on female+ wellness

Why education on female+ wellness will lead to empowerment, gender equality, and community within your organization.

Diversity, Equality
& Inclusivity

How to create a place within your organization where everyone feels safe, empowered, and heard.

Manifesting your desires

How to make your desires a reality with my 5-step method and book.

female+ empowerment & leadership

How to empower yourself or your female employees to take the lead and take charge. Business tips for freelancers, founders and women+ in leadership.

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Barbara Rogoski

Executive Speaker Coach
Senior TEDx speaker coach

"Jo Sarah is a strong speaker and has a lot to say and will empower you with every word."

Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Conservatorium van amsterdam

"Jo Sarah gave a strong keynote speech and made our organization think about how we can make our institute more inclusive and diverse".

Jessica Stahl

Author of Vanilla Cool Dance

"Jo Sarah has an interesting and effective approach to manifesting desires that will make you think, make you take action".

Let's collab!

Jo Sarah would love to have a cup of tea with you virtually. Make an appointment for a consultation without obligation, via the button below.


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