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Singer. Songwriter. Producer.

Jo Sarah, an artist and producer with Dutch and Surinamese roots, crafts a unique blend of Latin Urban, R&B, and Jazz, driven by her profound vocals and multi-instrumental prowess. Her music celebrates female+ empowerment and self-love, highlighted in her projects from the debut EP "Citizen of the World" to her latest initiative 'UMA,' focusing on female+ sexuality and empowerment. Singles like "GLOW," "ME," and "Venha Cá" showcase her vibrant storytelling and cultural diversity, while "No Wifi" and "Juicy" delve into deeper themes of connection and pleasure.

Booking Jo Sarah promises an electrifying mix of musical innovation and messages that resonate with empowerment and unity.

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Sea of Art International Film Festival - Best Music Video 2022
Pure Magic International Film Festival - Best Music Video 2022
Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin - Best Music Video 2022

Available for interviews, reviews, bookings & feedback.

Adrienne West

Broadway actress & Jazz vocalist

"...the music that Jo Sarah creates is feeding your soul"

Oscar & Edison award-winning

pianist & composer

Martin Fondse

"Jo Sarah is an alpha female when she sings. She also has a very unique and soulful sound!”

Yuri Honing

Boy Edgar award-winning saxophonist

"Jo Sarah really has an original and authentic sound"

Featured On

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Let's collab!

Jo Sarah would love to have a cup of tea with you virtually. Make an appointment for a consultation without obligation, via the button below.


  • SoundCloud
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • TikTok
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